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I live on Staten Island in NYC. Although the borough is loaded with artists, galleries have a hard time surviving here. The ones that do generally fall into two categories: the typical frame-shop / retail gallery and the funky done-on-a-dime kind of place. Naturally I love the latter, though I’m content to have the former for the occasional frame job.

One of the best galleries ever to “have a go” here on Staten Island was Tattfoo Temple of Art and Design, established by artist and graphic designer Tattfoo Tan and his wife, Ensze Tan, in 2003, just three years after their arrival from Malaysia. The Temple was established in an old factory loft that they cleaned up and painted white. (more…)

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Something is rotten in the arts and cultural state of OZ. At this point in time there is a critical need for arts, cultural organizations and venues (as providers of goods and services) to recognize that we in Australia have a moral and, more importantly, legal obligation under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act to provide reasonable and adequate services to people experiencing disabilities.

Of course we might forgive the general arts and cultural sector for its tardiness to comply, at least in the spirit of the act, given the dearth of ‘disability’ arts and cultural policies at a national and state level. Given that the arts and cultural sector see themselves as being on the ‘high ground’ in relation to cultural development, human rights, free speech and such matters, it puzzles that few in the sector are acting on the problems that people with disabilities face in accessing the diverse arts and cultural activities that most of us working in the sector enjoy. (more…)

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Yesterday I learned about another remarkable Russian woman from a documentary entitled Anna Marly, Russian Muse of the French Resistance shown at the first annual Russian Documentary Film Festival. Anna Marly (née Anna Yurievna Betulinskaya) wrote and performed the rousing anthem “Le Chant Des Partisans.” It became the theme song of the Resistance—during the occupation the French whistled the song to each other as a way of revealing one’s partisan loyalties.


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is there a border to be? the past 8 years of compassionate conservatism and the four years to be with st mccain? they have buried their war hatchet and unite their border to keep that unitary executive. the green zone is an isolated doughnut hole a round border.

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The confusion of what is happening as our showcase child for Democracy in the Middle East (Iraq) descends into that reality of a failed state. More like a still born child. Still born like our other child: Lebanon elected the Hamas. Not what Empire wanted – be a democracy the way we want your democracy to be. Servility is rewarded with perpetual bondage for One Hundred Years. Sometimes I think the solution is to set up the client states with a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) command then our Democracy Babies would truly greet us with nosegays and sweet meats instead of IEDS. (more…)

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4,000 US troops killed in Iraq.

488 US troops killed in Afghanistan.

Almost 29,320 US troops injured in Iraq.

Between 82,349 and 89,867 documented Iraqi civilian deaths.

2 million Iraqi refugees in Turkey, Iran and Syria.

At least 20,000 U.S. troops who were not classified as wounded during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have been found with signs of brain injuries, according to military and veterans records.

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