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Check out this incredible photo (detail, left) taken in Grindavik, Iceland, by Reuters photographer Bob Strong. This is a BorderTalks image! Talk about conflicting (co-existing?) territories! Within one frame the photographer captures the hallucinogenic combination of a geothermal power plant and one of Iceland’s tourist “hot spots,” the 104-degree Blue Lagoon spa.

This coupling of industry and leisure is a jolt to the eye. In fact, it is such a strange image that I initially thought it must be a composite of two photos. Which brings up an interesting question. If it were a Photoshoped composite rather than a “real world” juxtaposition, would it matter to the viewer? (more…)

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Something is rotten in the arts and cultural state of OZ. At this point in time there is a critical need for arts, cultural organizations and venues (as providers of goods and services) to recognize that we in Australia have a moral and, more importantly, legal obligation under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act to provide reasonable and adequate services to people experiencing disabilities.

Of course we might forgive the general arts and cultural sector for its tardiness to comply, at least in the spirit of the act, given the dearth of ‘disability’ arts and cultural policies at a national and state level. Given that the arts and cultural sector see themselves as being on the ‘high ground’ in relation to cultural development, human rights, free speech and such matters, it puzzles that few in the sector are acting on the problems that people with disabilities face in accessing the diverse arts and cultural activities that most of us working in the sector enjoy. (more…)

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Check out…

…sound artist Glenn Weyant, creator of the The Anta Project / SonicAnta Project, a sound collage created by recording sound generated by the U. S./Mexican border fence. “There’s actually a lot of political and conceptual ramifications …what one decides is noise gets policed and cordoned off from what gets to be considered music…to be able to play a wall—that is really like immersing yourself in the wall and becoming the wall, by creating this sound and relating with it” —Merced Sun Star

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