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I live on Staten Island in NYC. Although the borough is loaded with artists, galleries have a hard time surviving here. The ones that do generally fall into two categories: the typical frame-shop / retail gallery and the funky done-on-a-dime kind of place. Naturally I love the latter, though I’m content to have the former for the occasional frame job.

One of the best galleries ever to “have a go” here on Staten Island was Tattfoo Temple of Art and Design, established by artist and graphic designer Tattfoo Tan and his wife, Ensze Tan, in 2003, just three years after their arrival from Malaysia. The Temple was established in an old factory loft that they cleaned up and painted white. (more…)

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Iranian graphic designer Reza Abedini may not be as familiar to Americans as, say, Milton Glaser (designer of the “I Love New York” logo) or Saul Bass (designer of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” title sequence, as well as the famous title sequences for “James Bond” movies). But in the international arena, Abedini is well-known for his contemporary and literate use of Persian calligraphy, often in conjunction with English language type faces, photography and graphics. He’s been sited for “his passion for graphic design, in particular Persian type and typography, [which] has led him into linking literature and aesthetics, searching for a unique visual dialect that reflects Persian poetic sensibilities.” (www.princeclausfund)

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