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Art*o*mat is a long-term project of artist Clark Whittington, who retools vintage cigarette vending machines to dispense affordable art objects created by over 400 artists from 10 countries. The machines have the chrome and high polish look of restored vintage cars. Each is unique, beautiful and reminiscent of another era. But they are not collectors’ items; they are dispensers of affordable contemporary art.

Whittington is the curator. Submitting artists must be able to make at least 50 “originals” matching their prototype. Machines are located at colleges, in museums, restaurants and other popular places. Items are generally $5 each, and the artist gets 50% of each sale.

One of the latest additions to the Art*o*mat site is the gift store, where you can purchase an “art o carton,” containing 10 cigarette-pack-sized artworks. The Art*o*mat project is a great example of creative thinking, art advocacy, community building and culture jamming all in one.

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