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"Ghost Station" Ed Roos

October 17, 2008—The Train Is Coming. And With It More Ads, a New York Times article, reports that the MTA plans to sell every NYC subway surface to the highest bidder. They need the money. Advertising — lots of it — is going to appear on every below-ground surface New Yorkers pass, from the round pillars on the subway platforms to the entire interior surface of subway cars. Ad agencies are considering ways to reach even the hardest-to-reach spots with the use of projectors. No surface will go unsold — not even the tunnel surfaces between stations. Advertisers plan to line them with printed ad images that will merge into a movie reel effect as your train zooms along.

Which begs the question: Isn’t advertising on such a massive scale a form of graffiti? Isn’t it a greater transgression than any spray-painted tag? The MTA is making a huge amount of money at the expense of the commuters. Say what you want about graffiti by private citizens, at least it’s varied, surprising — and original! Think of all the influences graffiti has had on art practice and typography. And think of all the influences graphic design has had on graffiti! (more…)

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Iranian graphic designer Reza Abedini may not be as familiar to Americans as, say, Milton Glaser (designer of the “I Love New York” logo) or Saul Bass (designer of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” title sequence, as well as the famous title sequences for “James Bond” movies). But in the international arena, Abedini is well-known for his contemporary and literate use of Persian calligraphy, often in conjunction with English language type faces, photography and graphics. He’s been sited for “his passion for graphic design, in particular Persian type and typography, [which] has led him into linking literature and aesthetics, searching for a unique visual dialect that reflects Persian poetic sensibilities.” (www.princeclausfund)

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