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mobile garden examples

Mobile gardens are here, there and everywhere! On Staten Island, artist activist Tattfoo Tan is hosting a mobile garden “expo” where people can bring their mobile gardens to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” at the ingenuity and beauty of each other’s work, and then wheel their creations a few blocks to the St. George Ferry Terminal where the gardens will be “parked” in the taxi pick-up area for commuters to enjoy for a month.

Mobile gardens are projects that redefine “green space” on the micro scale. You can roll your mobile garden—planted in an old office chair seat, grown on a skateboard or cultivated in a rusting shopping cart—to the nearest urban sign post. Then chain it and leave it to flourish in the sunshine for all to enjoy. Get a large group of mobile gardens together in one place and you’ve got a temporary island of atomized greenery on wheels. If you get really ambitious—like artist Joe Baldwin—you can turn a train car into a mobile garden for commuters (more…)

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