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SistersIn 2011 I watched a movie on cable TV called Sisters. It’s a very early (1973) Brian DePalma thriller/murder-mystery about a local Staten Island journalist (played by Jennifer Salt) who sees a murder from her apartment window—my apartment window!

Well, my apartment window or the window of one of the other five apartments directly above or below me. What a strange experience to watch an actress (in my living room) look out a window (in my living room) while I’m sitting in said living room. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I kept watching for clues to location. Was it really my apartment? Soon enough I see the actress leave through the front door of my apartment building and get into her car on my street. (more…)

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Alexandra travels south on a military train. She sits apart from the young soldiers. Surely each of the men deserves a hug from this proud Russian woman, but Alexandra is also surly and resists social niceties. At times she mumbles to herself. Her body is in pain, especially when the soldiers have to help her on and off the train and on and off the military vehicle that takes her from the train to the military base. She warns them not to mishandle her. Not only does she look out of place, she makes the soldiers look out of place too. The heat is stifling.


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